Corporate Events


Successful businesses are built by great presenters and their media presentations. At times in your business career, you will be in front of audiences that could include potential financing sources, customers and employees.  How you deliver your message when communicating your ideas has a lot to do with whether others will buy in or pass.  We work with a number of large, successful businesses along the Gulf Coast, such as, Airbus, Mobile Chamber of Commerce and Chevron to deliver both media presentations and host their corporate events.

At Media Services LLC, we help you build a media presentation that will keep your audience attentive and alert.  Our large assortment of HD monitors and video equipment enable your presentation to be seen by small or large groups.  We can take your existing presentation or work with you to create a custom design.  Our staging for events is second to none.  We pride ourselves on laying out a room that welcomes and entertains your guests.  From visuals to props we make a room look spectacular.